So much gained. Time to start giving!

The past few years, Sean and I have felt exceptionally blessed by the support we've been shown from backers and new followers. Next year is looking to be an exciting time for us, what with the real possibility of a U.S. Made Axxis, as well as other products that we have yet to share (not to mention a baby). 😉

So we felt it was time to do our part and give back in turn. We'd been playing with many ideas of how to go about this, and trying to take into account what's also important to the ones who have supported us. 

Which is how we settled on Peace Ranch. I actually stumbled upon this amazing organization reading an article in our local Traverse City newspaper (yes I still subscribe/read the newspaper!) and it struck a chord. 


Local veterans saddled with PTSD walk forward


The article shared many stories of veterans who had lost buddies to suicide following their service, and the change they experienced in themselves after visiting with the herd of rescued therapy horses at Peace Ranch.

Peace Ranch Traverse City


This ranch is aptly named, as the folks and working horses are there to help their clients find the peace that already exists within themselves. It's a brilliant approach that not only helps local vets, but also first responders, as well as any adult or child that has experienced trauma in their lives. Their herd of equine therapists have experienced their own forms of trauma, and are all rescues that have found sanctuary at the ranch.

From a mission standpoint, it checked off all our boxes and aligned with our mission perfectly:

  • It is dedicated to helping our local veterans and first responders, who so desperately need our support and care.
  • They support the youth of tomorrow, by providing them a safe place to address their trauma, surrounded by the healing peace and beauty of the wilderness on all sides.
  • It was a local nonprofit (in good standing) that was comprised of passionate, caring people who made it their mission to give back and support the folks in their community that needed it most.
  • And on a personal note....HORSES! They provide sanctuary and purpose to the castaways.

So after a very brief discussion, Sean and I reached out to Peace Ranch, and dedicated ourselves to the cause as well. For every BDBW Challenge Coin that we sell, we put a $1 into a gas card fund to help veterans make the trip out to the ranch. In addition, we have signed on to the cause and are teaming up with Peace Ranch to donate our time in the form of marketing services, poop scooping and hay-bale throwing! We're very excited to be working with these tremendous individuals and are looking forward to helping them grow so that they may continue to offer peace to our essential community members.


Signing off,