Grip Options & Handle Attachment

The versatility of a knife.

The chopping power of an axe.

The Axxis is the first tool to have successfully combined the versatility of a knife with the awesome chopping power of an axe. All in a blade that fits in the palm of your hand.

A knife when you need kindling or to prepare a meal. A hand axe when you need to clear a campsite or build a shelter. A full-size axe for felling giants and splitting logs. 


Whatever your task, we’ll show you how the Axxis can get the job done.

Grip Options and Hand-Axing

Radically designed and fully skeletonized, the Axxis offers more secure grip options for both right and left-handed users than any other chopping or cutting implement on the market (10 and counting.) This means the user can engage the two razor-sharp cutting edges in ways that would be impossible for an ordinary knife or axe.

However, it is the forward-facing trigger that is responsible for unleashing its unexpectedly awesome chopping power as a micro hand axe.

Grasp the Axxis firmly around the butt, with your middle and forefinger in front of the forward-facing trigger. Use a “pistol-whip” style swing to transfer the weight of the tool to the cutting edge.  As the forward-facing trigger rotates around your middle or pointer finger, the “in-hand rotation” assists the blade in achieving a far greater edge velocity than would be expected from a tool of this size.


*** We strongly recommend attaching a wrist lanyard to your Axxis before engaging in any hand-axing action.  This is especially true when chopping with ONLY your pointer finger ahead of the forward-facing trigger***


Attaching a Handle

The extra power of a full-size axe when you need it. None of the dead weight when you don't.


Select a hardwood sapling from which to chop a handle. This sapling should be roughly 1 ¼ inches in diameter and be as straight as possible. 


18 inches is adequate for most tasks.


Download a printable version of the Axxis Hafting Guide to take with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Lashing Suggestions

If you're unfamiliar, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching some videos on hafting & lashing techniques before trying it out yourself. Seriously… improperly mounting or hafting your hand axe can result in significant injury to yourself, or any living thing in your general vicinity.

With no dedicated lashing pattern or technique that works for all situations – the Axxis was designed with lashing holes strategically placed throughout the frame so you can find the pattern that works best for you. 


The way you choose to tie your Axxis depends on the type and length of lashing material you have, the type of handle/haft wood being used, the abrasiveness of the wood relative to cordage, etc.


Be careful when testing your tie job. Make sure the Axxis is fully secure and tied off BEFORE you swing. Check your lashings frequently when chopping.

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