A micro camp axe, a knife and full size ax. All in one pocket-sized tool, weighing in at under a pound.

All serious adventurers know that an ax or a large camp knife, usually both, are critical for any deep journey into the bush. Anyone that has had to carry either knows what a pain in the A$$ it is to lug them around. 


Inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric man’s flint hand axes – the Axxis hand axe is a perfect marriage between the versatility of a knife and the awesome chopping power of an ax, with none of the dead weight of either. 


A knife when you need kindling or to prepare a meal. A hand axe when you need to clear a campsite or build a shelter. A full size ax for felling trees and splitting logs. With 21st century materials and technology at our disposal, we made your primary survival chopper, STRONGER, LIGHTER, BETTER so you can adventure FARTHER, DEEPER, FASTER.

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