Not a knife. Not an axe.

Something better than both.

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Axxis Hand Axe Specs

Material: D2 Tool Steel

Thickness: ⅜ inch / 9.5mm

Overall Length (OAL): 7 inches / 180mm

Blade Length: 5.3 inches / 135mm

Weight: 14.2-14.6 ounces / 403-414g

Heat Treat: 55-56 HRC

Finish Type: Titanium Nitride (TiN)

Sheath Weight: 1.2 ounces / 34g

Check out the interactive 3d model to explore the Axxis  from every angle.

Need a haft? With the Axxis, the whole forest is your hardware store.

Solid forged and fully skeletonized, the Axxis can be used in unexpected ways. 

Mount this pocket-sized hand axe to a handle and it becomes a full-size axe for monster chopping. 

  When it comes to lightweight bushcraft, the goal is to carry minimal gear with maximum function.
One solid piece. No moving parts.
11 Unique Design Features.

Inspired by the simplicity of prehistoric man's flint hand axes and reinvented through modern technology, the Axxis takes a "Less is More" approach.


A combination of 11 unique design elements come together to  promise outdoor minimalists a primary chopping tool that is stronger, lighter, and more functionally diverse than a traditional camp knife or axe. 

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