Blade Care & Use

Care and Maintenance

I would normally say this would fall under the category of “common sense,” but if common sense were common then everyone would have it. Like any quality chopping implement, the better you treat the Axxis, the better it will treat you.

D2 steel may reduce your maintenance but it does not exempt you. Don’t abuse it and it will last you a lifetime. Abuses would include all the obvious; don’t chop rocks, don’t leave the Axxis soaking in water, don’t throw it carelessly, etc.

When you are done using the Axxis, wipe it clean of all debris and dry it before returning it to its sheath. Failure to do so can result in scratches to the blade as well as loosening of the sheath over time. So get out your rag and your favorite oil when no one is looking, and give it a thorough rubbing. We promise it won’t give you any warts or hairy palms.


Usage and Safety

The Axxis was designed with safety in mind. Featuring more secure grip options than any other production knife or axe that has ever been made. The Axxis can be used responsibly in even the the most adverse conditions. That being said, it is a wood chopping and cutting tool above all else. And, as with all bladed tools, there is an inherent danger involved with usage. It is crucial that you take every precaution possible to prevent harm to yourself, others, or your Axxis when chopping and cutting material.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to use your Axxis as a knuckle duster or punching implement. It is in no way, shape, or form designed for this type of usage. Heed this warning. Failure to do so will most certainly result in broken fingers at best; or broken fingers, hand, wrist, etc. at worst.