A Knife Startup Perspective on Surviving the Pandemic – Adaptability is Key

Anyone who has been living through the past two years knows that it has not been a friendly environment for small businesses of all kinds. Between Covid lockdowns and the subsequent material and labor shortages that followed, there are few (if any) who haven’t been affected and forced to adjust their plans in some way.


Covid: 1 Small Business:0


At Bone Daddy Blade WerX we know this truth all too well. Every day is an exercise in flexibility and adaptability. As we prepare to celebrate the two-year  Anniversary since the release of the Axxis Hand Axe on Kickstarter, we honor our perilous journey by now bringing it to a successful close, having survived many great challenges, adapting, and growing to thrive in this new business world we find ourselves in.

While it may have cost us more and taken far longer than even our most generous models could have predicted, we first celebrate two major milestones and hard fought victories as our odyssey continues… 


Shots from the Bone Daddy Tribe

1.) We have officially filled all of our crowdfunding orders and placed nearly 1000 Axxis in the hands of outdoor enthusiasts the world over. This revolutionary hand tool has found a home in some 38 different countries, and the list grows every day.


2.) For the very first time in our young company's history, we are sitting on a mountain of inventory and have Axxis of all finishes and textures in stock and available for purchase, but more importantly, IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! If you’ve been privy to our epic saga via our BLOG and social media, then you already know what a huge deal this is for us. Additionally, we are proud to now  offer a number of wicked-cool tees, a collectible EDC challenge coin, and a limited number of our hand made Para-squid Flamethrower & Bottle Openers.

However, these wins say little of our future, and do not speak to the great efforts we have taken to adjust our business model in order to account for the volatile international business & product manufacturing environment. And it is this milestone that we are, in fact, most proud of…

As is often the case in life, the most painful lessons can yield the most productive fruit. Through the school of hard knocks, having learned a very tough lesson about manufacturing a product en masse overseas, we are now incredibly pleased to announce our commitment to manufacturing 100% of all future products right here in the good old U.S. of A. It has been tough work transitioning our manufacturing pipeline to the United States, especially since we had already worked so hard to establish an overseas supplier. But a great discovery awaited us in our toil, and now we have a handful of groundbreaking tools (both literally and figuratively) in the prototyping phase which we hope to begin manufacturing in the U.S. this year.


All future Bone Daddy Products WILL be US Made!


Chief among these products is the much anticipated universal haft, which not only makes converting the Axxis to a full size axe a snap, but will also be compatible with all other future Bone Daddy hand tool designs. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but one of these designs which will be revealed very soon, is so revolutionary in its function and concept, that it makes the great discovery of the Axxis seem elementary. But that reveal is for another time.😎