Axxis Kickstarter Add-on Guide

To add an add-on to your Axxis pledge, follow the steps below.
1. Click "Back this project" or "Manage your pledge"
1-a. If you intend to modify your existing pledge, you can do so by selecting a different tier option in this screen. If not, click "Change your pledge."
2. This will bring up the page with all the different pledge levels. Here you can change to a different pledge tier, or you can manually increase your current pledge to add on additional items. Simply add the total amount of the add-ons (plus shipping if applicable) on top of your original pledge amount.
Example: Champion's Haul ($497) + USA Shipping USA ($40) + Para-squid add-on ($49) = $537
3. Confirm the Change.
And you are officially done! You don't have to do anything until our project ends on the 26th of March.
Once the campaign is completed, every backer will receive a survey asking how you would like the add-on amount to be assigned, t-shirt sizes, and customizations when applicable.
If adding an Axxis, please add an additional $10 for shipping within the US, and $20 for the rest of the world.